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Now the "European" sizes are what interests me...

I use 9x12, 13x18 and 18x24, but I'm having problems finding the bigger size without cutting it myself. Which is difficult in the dark. And then I have to load my plate holders, with a fiber plate behind the film, also in the dark.

so an order of EFKE PL25 in 18x24 would suit the bill quite exactly, I think
My price list has 13x18 - no problem there. Price is approx. $23 for 25 sheets (at current USD exch. rate).

However, 18x24 is a different story - but I think one of my colleagues mentioned they make it in that size, too - only not regularly. Probably when they produce the stuff for export. I can give them a call tomorrow and make inquiries, if you want me to - no problem.