And, the automobile companies/oil companies/ insert favorite bad company are sitting on a gasoline additive/carburetor/insert other device that will give you 500 mpg.

Maybe the machine was a bust. IDK. Maybe it was too slow. Maybe there was no market? Kodachrome is not selling. Stocks are probably spoiling in the warehouse right as we speak. IDK.

Fuji used to make their version of Kodachrome. They stopped in the 80s when overall Kodachrome sales began to fall rapidly. They were smart, I guess.

Dynachrome made their version of Kodachrome. It was a very large plant not far from my home, and in spite of the fact that they made ISO 10 Kodachrome (the original) that everyone said they would prefer, they lost sales to the new Kodachrome 25. And, BTW this was not fake Kodachrome, it was real, made by real Kodak engineers with lots of know-how and backing. The promised customers didn't stick with them too long after the ISO 25 product came out.

No one can say until the dust settles, least of all us here.