Fuji used to make their version of Kodachrome. They stopped in the 80s when overall Kodachrome sales began to fall rapidly. They were smart, I guess.
I know about Dynachrome -- I used it. Seems like I recall another Kodachrome-type film too, Myracolor or Mirrorcolor or something like that. Maybe private-labeled Dynachrome?

But, I've never heard of Fuji having made a Kodachrome-type film. I do know that there was a Japanese manufacturer -- Sakura, I believe -- that made Kodachrome-type film in the postwar era, but quit when Kodak decided to/was allowed to start exporting Kodachrome to Japan.

Do you have some documentation on that Fuji stuff? I think you may be confusing it with the Sakura product, which was from an earlier era.

I don't have any numbers, but I'd always heard that Kodachrome was quite popular in Japan, moreso than here in the USA. That would be consistent with Horiuchi investing in one or more KLAB machines and doing domestic processing (and I think there was a Kodak K14 lab in Tokyo too). This was in the 90s, as I recall (until quite recently!)

If the bottom fell out of the Kodachrome market in Japan, why would Horiuchi spend that kind of money investing in the KLAB stuff to process it?

Everything that I have heard on the situation in Japan was that demand was always high -- even in the immediate post-war era -- which was why they struggled to make their own version. And, the reason that their version stopped selling was not due to any drop in demand, but rather, to the availability of "real" Kodachrome. In other words, sales didn't drop, they just moved over from Sakura to Kodak. At least, that's how I've always understood it to have happened back in the '50s.

But this stuff about Fuji, in the '80s, this is something I've never heard of -- and I was selling plenty of Fuji film back in the 1980s, so I think my rep might have mentioned something about it.