Here is a fact. Even with the original equipment, no one has been able to reproduce Autochrome. No one! I have talked to several experts in the field and they all agree. And the reason is that too much of the operation was art that was kept secret (trade secrets if you will).

That is the case today with ordinary film and paper products as I have pointed out in other threads.

I see posts here regarding 'doom and gloom' and 'product availability' which elicit the response "How Much Do I Have To Stock Up On To See Me Through My Life Time" (caps for emphasis).

This is a very very circumscribed view of the hobby, because by that statement those that make it are relegating future generations to digital if film vanishes and if we use up existing stocks.

Now, film is not going to vanish for a few years yet, if ever, but like Autochromes it very well may unless we prepare for the future.

This all goes back to a conversation I had last night on Chat with Jon. It seems as if we talk a lot, and most of the action centers around hoarding. I am throwing this out in the Product Availability forum for general comment to see what can be done to change this attitude.

As responsible APUG members we should look to future generations as well as ourselves. Pay Forward, I believe it is called. What say you? How can we take actions today to assure that film is available to generations beyond ours. You know I am doing something, but what can we do as a responsible group?