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How do y'all avoid ripples/wrinkles when printing on really really thin papers? For background I'm doing DOP Pt/Pd on Bienfang 360.

Do you coat the paper while wet? Or is it possible to humidfy before printing to smooth the paper out?
360 is a nightmare if you are working larger than 8x10. About the same wet strength as toilet paper. Try Clearprint 100% rag drafting vellum or Mars Rag Drafting Vellum. They are much stronger when wet and don't wrinkle naerly as badly. Two thinner coats blown dry between each coat is the way to go. Also coat to the edge so you don't get the potato chip effect with differential shrinking between the coated and the uncoated edge. There will be some good karma involved in any case. Are you using a vacuum frame? That also helps a lot.