I think that schools should be encouraged to keep teaching analog photography, as a basis for the art, rather than jumping directly into digital, and they should not bow to pressure to start with digital. I think it would be well agreed here that if you know analog photographic methods, then the transition to (or addition) of digital techniques are easier to master. If you only know digital, then it is a steeper learning curve to embrace analog.

The problem is that the camera retailers make more profit from digital cameras, because even with the same markup as analog, in general consumer digital cameras sell for more than their analog counterparts, and thus a higher dollar amount of profit, as well as all the large vendors of cameras are truly only pushing their digital products. From the vendors standpoint, they can sell a new camera to the same consumer every few years with digital, as new models obsolete older models, whereas with analog, the "need to upgrade" was far less, resulting in far fewer units sold.

For analog to survive, it has to have a public awareness that can only come from teaching, with support from the industry.