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Making a paint or buying canvas and stretching it for an oil painting is far easier than making an emulsion and coating it in the darkroom. But you don't have to be an engineer to do either.

The big difference is that there are a lot of sources for learning how to make the paints and stretching the canvas, but few on making and coating gelatin. In fact, Silver Gelatin is out of print and it was the only relatively current book on the subject that I know about. That delineates the current level of interest to some extent here.

Then perhaps the answer is that photo classes include creating emulsions.

Or that more people who can create emulsions, teach how for a price.

Spread that emulsion knowledge around, get people tinkering, creating people who are "skilled in the art" as the patent guys say, so that the demise of film at the retail level isn't the demise of emulsions from the home workshop.