I'm not a painter, so I could be wrong, but painting supplies aren't perishable while film and paper are perishable. That means that paint manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers don't have to toss out dated paint, brushes, canvas etc. while the same can't be said for the photography supply chain.

Personally, every time I finish shooting a box of 4x5 or 8x10 film I buy two boxes. I guess you would call that hording, but I see it as a way to SLOWLY build up a supply of the products I use without breaking the bank.

I've also tried to teach B&W photography to my two teenagers. They took a summer workshop a few years ago that exposed them to photography, developing film and making their own RC prints. Once the workshop was over the kids showed very little interest....that was probably 3 years ago. My son took a photography course in high school last spring and when he finished the course, I purchased he and his sister nikon 35mm cameras and we took a photography trip to Shenandoah National Park for 3 days after school let out for summer break. Once those images were developed and printed my son put his camera on the shelf and hasn't picked it up sense. We also made a stop at a museum to see an Ansel exhibit last summer. We were on a trip anyhow, so the stop only added 2 hours to our day. My son and his sister would much rather take a photo with their phones!!!!

I'm open to suggestions on how to motivate kids to do B&W photography. I think the thing to do is to expose them to the processes and then just hope they pick it up. If we force them, then they will never develop a love for the medium.