Auto-everything digital is seductive, because the buyers figure that they don't have to know anything to make it all work. "Look, dad! I'm as good as you, and it's only my second shot!"

I seem to have the good fortune to keep bumping into young people (high school age and up a bit) who are fascinated with silver-based photography. I've encouraged them by loaning them books, talking with them, selling one a Ciro-Flex TLR at an affordable price, and giving another one yet another Ciro-Flex I had. Film's only about as dead among the young as it is among the mature. Some it thrills, most it doesn't.

A related question for PE - if you had to make film using off-the-shelf products, ie, cutting strips of plastic and coating them with emulsion... what film sizes are most amenable to home cooking? I'm guessing that sprocket holes on 35mm make it difficult to brew at home, plus the small negative. But what about 120? Could a person save some of thp paper backings from 120 film, and spool their own homemade film onto it instead? Or is easier to put emulsions on the stiffer 4x5? 8x10?