In the InterNet forums in the whole world, the rumors concentrate themselves over a re-start of the MACO IR 820c film.

MACO has let manufacture nearly for 10 years, this film with the EFKE (Fotokemika) in Samobor/Croatia. EXCLUSIVELY! On a very high quality level - it gave not one entitled complaint in these nearly 10 years. If problems arose, then they were again and again, the usual typical things, which come along with infrared films evenly in such a way with itself. In order to provide the users reliably with informations, MACO had presented a comprehensive brochure, which can be today, still be downloaded under

When the "old Fotokemika" had lost the experienced active, for many decades co-workers, due to a change in generations, and a new Fotokemika NOVA was founded, MACO did not give no more new productions of the proven MACO IR 820c film in order. That had reasons, which cannot be described now in details. Above all, however, and that is not discreetly, qualitatively. due to the bleeding of the proven technicians, no more new production were to be brought with the name MACO in a good agreement.

Fortunately, MACO was offered at that time, the possibility of letting by the AGFA GEVAERT in Belgium, a 400 ISO high speed film, which was superior in all important parameters to the old product. But.... the NM-range is unfortunately reduced. That let less experienced users to the impression, this film would not be a real infrared film. Only briefly to it: If one exposes theeeee ROLLEI IR 820/400 on approx. 15/25 ISO, under black filter (not red filter) and then process with a strong developer, e.g. the ROLLEI RHS or the ILFORD MICROPHEN, then one, if all conditions are correct, will get perfect IR effects. Who exposes, however, extremely for a long time, not trusting the strength chemistry, will never receive good results. Also, however, the world of the ROLLEI infrared film users is quite split. Therefore, demand/desires arose for a re-start of the proven MACO IR 820c again.

In order to answer the rumors with a special statement: MACO does have just finally decided NOT to dare a RE-START of the old MACO 820c with the supplier EFKE. In addition, above all, the qualitative reasons gave the final excursion.

MACO met co-operation with the strategic partner AGFA GEVAERT in Belgium/France the decision to pour a new ISO 100 infrared film with 850 Nanometers. This film is already in the testing practice, and will be introduced to the market in the course of the year 2007.