To follow up on my first post, the 300mm lens on a Shen Hao is (I think) the upper limit of reality. You would be limited in trying to focus too closely with a lens that long. I was thinking of the Fujinon 300mm tele lens, as it only requires a focal length of 195mm for infinity focus (plenty of room with the standard bellows). I now have an 8x10 with the 300mm Symmar-S and a 4x5 reducing back, so I opted out of the Fujinon. The shutter on the Symmar is a Copal 3, so I'm not planning on mounting it on the Shen Hao. I use a 180mm lens for close up shots and have had no trouble with running out of bellows, but I'm not trying to do macro work.

As a (former) cabinet maker, the woodwork is very well done on this camera. Fit and finish are excellent and better than I had hoped for at the price. Teak will take an oil finish and is pretty stable as far as weather is concerned. The camera weighs 6 pounds.

My friend in town just got his Ebony (I'm still a bit green) but the Shen Hao had better features and stability than his Wista and was much less in cost. All in all, I'd still do it again if I needed to replace this one.