Thanks for the great report Art! Spoke to Halsted yesterday who told me there was this guy hanging around that they thought might try to steel something...
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...the people at Halsted who didn't seem to think I could afford a print without a five finger discount.
I started going to their gallery when I was 16 complete with holes in my jeans and hair to my backside, they used to watch me like a hawk! In their defense, you'd be surprised how many prints have been stolen from that show.... all those shows. Halsted in fact had a huge theft once in Texas.

Thanks again for the report Art. I'll be talking to them again today and I'll pass along your assessment of them. Perhaps it will get them to lighten up a bit...


PS. BTW - Thanks! I padded your package with a couple extra prints for you. They shipped out yesteday. I appreciate the support.