I've been getting familiar with my modified Holga (and Holgography in general) and I'm very pleased with it.

I'm getting to the point where I can set exposures pretty reliably with it's two apertures and one shutter speed. I tested the shutter and it's a bit inconsistant but it's actually, on average, closer to 1/90th sec than 1/100th.

I make use of the cable release a lot. The urinal picture in my gallery required *32* shutter releases.

I haven't had occaision to use the bulb feature yet.

I'm finding the most challenging aspect of the camera to be focusing. I intend to do some controlled tests so I know at just what distance each of the focus icons actually represent.

I removed the metal clips, forgoing a neck strap. I wanted to do a velcro seal for both security and control of light leaks. I did a variation of the velcro mod that I found online and used self-adhesive velcro on the body...using the hook side. For the loop side I bought non-adhesive velcro from a fabric store.