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Well, "small" is a relative term. I believe you, as well as other posters commented that the research "kettle" was 40L, and the production "kettle" at Agfa was 1000L. Don't know if this even relates to coating machine size.
As far as I can remember, I have never commented on the kettle size of agfa equipment, as I don't know what it was. I could guess, and I might use a hypothetical example.

I can say that the research coater is as Mirko describes above because Kodak and Agfa both used similar small lab coaters, but Agfa used metric and Kodak used English measurements. The Kodak machine was probably quite a bit larger because it coated 10 - 100 ft lengths.

I want to comment for Mirko's sake. Making a coating on one of these machines does NOT guarantee that it will scale up to a large batch of emulsion or a large coating. Michael and Paula have seen that, I guess, from their work on Lodima paper.