I'd like to hear some opinions on the (cheaper) RF gear you've used (35mm and medium format). Pros, cons, peculiarities, etc.
I don't want to hear about Leica - I know about it, but it's waaaay beyond my price range :-(

The reason why I'm asking is that I do use some RF regularly (from Russian Kiev 4 and Zorki 4 to Koni Omega), and for each of them there are things that I like and those I dislike.

So far, Koni Omega can't be beat (for the price of $120 on that auction site - Koni Omega and Hexanon 90/3.5). RF is perfect, vievfinder clear, easy to focus (my eyesight is not what it used to be). And the benefit of large negative size is obvious. And the ergonomics are great - once you get used to "funky" way it's handled.
Also, I like the bokeh on Hexanon 90/3.5. Almost nothing about Koni Omega that I don't like. However, the size and weight is a limiting factor sometimes when I want to travel light.

I also like my Kiev 4 with its Jupiters (50/2 and 35/2.8) - it would be a perfect (cheap) 35mm RF if it weren't for the squinty viewfinder. However, the quality of photos I get from it makes me forget that viewfinder trouble :-)

Zorki 4 has a better viewfinder (large and bright), but the rewind knob is a PITA :-((
Winding film to the next shot is definitely painful :-)) Jupiter 8 (50/2) in LTM mount on my Zorki is also quite OK.

Lately I've been using my RF gear more and more - the RF is easier to focus (particularly in poor light) than my 35mm manual Nikon gear, and all of the above gear gives me better bokeh than most of my (consumer-grade) Nikkor glass.

Your experience?