As i'd never been to a photo show before, i didn't know what to expect. As with everything here, it was elbow to elbow through the whole place. Gustavo, Blaze-on, and i roamed the venue together. There were tons of galleries present and i think it was well worth the $20 to see all of them under one roof. Big prints! alot of 'em. Big cibachromes too, mostly of colorful doorways that we've all seen before.
I enjoyed the small prints very much. Kerik's, Bill Schwab's, Ryuijie's, Paul Kozal, and Rolfe Horn's prints are amazing specimens. Bill, they had your Robinson Road print on display. Nice to see it in person! I spoke with the Halsted guy for a second until he ditched me mid-sentence for someone else. I love when that happens.
Roman Loranc's prints are amazing! The sharpness and detail i'm a big fan of. Carlton Watkins' landscapes from the late 1800's were quite impressive. That's Archival!
It seemed like the prices were inflated to california's standards but many prints were being sold and that's a good thing for all of us. I've never leafed through bins of $5-$15,000 prints before.
I'd recommend the show to anyone who's in the area next year at this time.