Making plexiglass tanks is a snap. The nice thing is that you can make one each for developer, stop, fix, wash, etc.. Cheaply. You can make them as large or as small as you like, according to how much chemistry you'd like to use. You can even make them slightly larger or smaller so they nest inside one another to take up less space.

For example: a 7-3/4 long x 7 deep x 2-3/8 wide tank easlily handles 6 hangers and needs only 1750 ml to cover. Make that tank 4 inches wide, and you can easily handle 10 hangers which need only 2750 ml to cover. And... the developer won't oxidize anywhere near as fast as in a tray.

Go to your local TAP plastics store for 1/4" acrylic, a small bottle of cement and an instruction sheet detailing how to make all sorts of things with plexiglass. They'll even cut it for you. If you cut it yourself, the best saw blade for acrylics is one with a Triple Chip tooth grind. Take a peek at all the Plexi equipment in my darkroom at:

I set up the tanks in a row with all chemistry in place, turn off the lights, and have at it. Like wildbill says, you need to learn how to properly agitate film when using hangers. (They've been around for a loooong time, and they work). Very well.

Once you start, you can't stop...