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My French friends say that Quebecois sounds to them like medieval English must to us English speakers.

True. The French Revolution and subsequent linguistic change did not happen in Québec, and the region was relatively isolated from other french-speaking communities for a long time, because in part of the English conquest, and the low profile of the general populace.

Nowadays, Parisian people will most likely say that we sound like a regional hillbilly from Poitou or Normandy. Or just that we sound retarded. Truly enough, I've watched an old Jean Renoir movie, Boudu Sauvé des Eaux, and the main character is a tramp whose language shares words that still have currency in the Québec popular tongue. Not that the movie implied in any sense that the tramp was from here, but I'm just pointing the fact that we sound "regional" (and most of the people here come from the regions of France. My own ancestors are all from Normandy I've heard).

Anyhoo... Back to the main topic, I've suggested in your other thread that getting a Simon-like daemon from Fuji and Kodak interested in APUG would be a great step forward. What do you think of the possibility to make it happen with Kodak people? They seem to be the ones under the most pressure from both sales and management to reduce film; Fuji has at least done a few small steps, but Perez's quote is just criminal.

I think that in general, well-targeted web forums like this one are a readymade focus group for a company looking to probe its audience. This is probably the first time in history that chatter, rumours, and trifling observations that create the zeitgeist are recorded, and data mining APUG would yield much more interesting knowledge about a certain segment of the consumer world than surveys or top-down analyses.