Okay, after much reading and thought, I bought a 4x5 camera. Today, I exposed my first neg... and I already messed it up. I'm trying out the zone system after having read The Camera, The Negative, and The Print by Adams.

Film: Ilford Delta 100 pro b/w
Developer: Kodak D76

I metered on an "important" low, which at a shutter speed of 200, came in at f5.6. Then I metered an "important" high, which came in at f22. Now I don't know much about this system yet, but from everything I've read, that sounds like a pretty wide range. The worst part is, I never adjusted the camera... I just exposed the darn neg at f5.6 @200. I THINK I should've exposed the neg at f11 @ 200... that would put my "important" low at zone III.

So, my question is... can I develop this negative in a way such that it would bring that "important" low down to where I intended it to be AND contract that range so the "important" high will be at or near zone VII?

Also, everywhere I read about this, I see developments of N, N+1, N-1, etc, etc. I can't seem to find how I determine what +1 or -1 should be. I assume it's an amount (or percentage) of time. Do I have to run tests to determine this? I believe I have a book that suggests some tests, but it also says I need a densitometer, and I don't have one.

Please keep in mind this is the first I've ever dealt with 4x5 and the zone system. So, if anything I've written or asked is way off, be kind.

I really appreciate any guidance you folks can give me. Thank you kindly for your time.