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Who really cares. Kodak died over 5 years ago. Why does everyone think that Kodak is the only company and that since Kodak is getting rid of film so is everyone else.

Look around you have Foma, Kentmere, Fuji, Ilford, Efke, Slavich, New Chinese Paper and Film that has been getting decent reviews. I am really getting tired of this Kodak stuff. I will be glad when Kodak is dead once and for all. The world of photography people is bigger than Kodak....

Kodak screwed themselves years ago so as far as I am concerned they are a dead company in terms of film anyway.

If Kodak does go away for good that will make it better for the other companies that care about traditional products. Kodak is the Yellow sore thumb that needs to leave once and for all and go after their digital market which they will never obtain especially trying to compete against Canon, Nikon, Sigma and Fuji. They are on the way out.....

No offense to anyone but get over it. Kodak is a dead company and you can blame it on the management...
Afraid I have to concure with the sentiment here expressed. It is a pity to see any supplier leave the market but when they do, support those who are still in it.
Possibly it is more of a problem for you in the states than here in the UK. There was and still is plenty of alternatives to Kodak products here, personaly I seldom used Kodak products prefering Fuji, Ilford,Fotospeed, Kentmere and Tetanal, there are of course others.
Look at the sponsors of this forum, they are showing a comitment to our hobbie, they deseve our support, Kodak is not amoungst them.
The suits at Kodak have made there minds up and no matter how we lament the loss of their products we will not change their minds. We have to live with it and move on.
Regards Paul.