As from Leverkusen/Germany, is reported from reliable cycles, former AGFA engineers and chemists, works on the fact to already repair on the original AGFA MCC and MCP based photo paper in the year of 2007, in Europe. The big strategic partners, which are capable of this enormous financial force act, will be probably to be searched rather at financial strong enterprises of the producing industry, as with the small and middle photo trade. It is to be virtually excluded therefore, from up-to-date knowledge conditions, that only one partner can handle this force act, because.......million investments into the production, the adaption of the existing formulas on the, then new pouring plant, the procurement of raw materials, financing of the production to an extent of a couple million square meters, world-wide driving out structures, marketing abilities acting world-wide, a condition only by very strong partners, will have to be mastered.

The specialists in the photo scene therefore itself are united, that in the forums now vagabonding the announcements of an substantial production rather as a marketing bubble, to be regarded as a less than substantial statement.