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I use Fuji and Ilford because I like their products more, but the point made about the limited manufacturers of colour film is one I'd never thought about. Black and White is more of a basic product, but to lose a large supplier of colour materials, including all their knowledge on it's production, will be a big hit. As long as Fuji remains committed I'll be happy - and in light of less competition, they probably will.
I don't see this as a smart business move by Kodak though, they're basically getting rid of everyone who's known and supported them in favor of a largely indifferent digital crowd. Kodak just isn't known for their cameras in recent years.
I want to clear one item up please. Kodak has NOT stopped making color film stocks. They still make them in both reversal (E-6), color negative (C-41) and still offer Kodachrome 64. In an earlier post, I was just drawing attention to the very limited number of manufacturers of color film stocks.