Not at all. Kodak trashed us, so as far as I am concerned screw em. Why would anyone support a company that is destroying our art medium trying to convert everyone to digital. They don't care about me or my photography so I could care less about them.

Yes I feel sorry for the pawns at Kodak but the corporate upper management as far as I am concerned should not be rewarded with our money period.

Kodak could be gone tomorrow and do you think they give one ounce of care if it affect you or I? Please...

If Kodak didn't do it, none of us would have enjoyed the films and products
Not true at all as someone else would have done it. It is business, if their is a buck someone does it.

As far as I see it I care about ILFORD, FUJI, FOMA, KENTMERE and the others that back traditional photography. So I want to give to those CEOs and corporate executives my money to help them realize they are doing the right thing by keeping film and papers alive.

And personally I am grateful to them, more than you could ever realize.

Thank again to the companies that care and put their necks on the line to restructure and keep what we love alive.