I think Perez' statement is aimed at perception as a mainly digital company. I doubt if they have any intent of getting rid of film production when its paying the freight. It will continue to decline as a percentage of their business, but if enought people keep using film (from all manufacturers), that usage will probably plateau at some level, perhaps within the nest couple of years. I say that because possibly by this point most people that are going to switch from film to digital already have. If that level is enough to remain profitable for Kodak and Fuji they will possibly continue in that business. If they don't, it's more business for the other manufacturers.

However, I repeat my concern for color film production. Black & white is manufactured by many manufacturers, but not color. I don't really think Fuji is any more committed to film production than Kodak is - they will both look at the bottom line. We need a smaller manufacturer such as Adox (who by the way did make color film, or at least market it with their name on it, years ago) to start color film production. Maybe if one of the big players gets out, someone smaller will get in. You know, I have been buying 35mm color film from Kroger/ Ralphs of all places, at $5 for 4 boxes. This film is made in Italy and is not bad stuff. I wonder who actually makes it?

Steve Perry