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I understand how meters work, my question has to do with his placement of the readings. That is why i ask the question, was 5.6 @200 what the meter said or was that the placement for Zone III !.

I pointed my meter at an "important" low and it suggested 5.6 at 200 (in its eye - a zone V). From what I'm gathering, I should've then adjusted my camera to f11 at 200... or sped up my shutter speed two stops (which I think I like better) - to place that on a zone III, which was my original intention.

Everyone... I can't thank you enough for the time you've spent in helping me out here. I really appreciate everyone's suggestions. I will be printing them out so I can read over them several times carefully... as it takes a while for things to "sink in" for me. Thankfully, I DID make two exposures (albeit they're the same settings) - but at least I can experiment on one and develop the other as I normally would I guess.

I do believe I'm going to enjoy LF photography. I get annoyed by the point and click mentality when it comes to making photographs. If I can ever get this LF medium figured out, I think it'll be very enjoyable.

I thank you for your patience!