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You need a staff of engineers and technicians. About 3 to run the machine and two professionals to back them up. You need about 10 to do the storing moving slitting chopping and packaging. You need the machines to go with all of this.

And, this does not include the R&D to start it up. It assumes you have all the knowhow in the people above, and own the proper formulas.

So essentially, this is only realistic if you can outsource / subcontract the product coating ... or at the very least the product packaging (including cutting) to somebody with existing facilities for such work on photo-sensitive, even if not photograhic, materials. Oh, and for some odd reason I didn't see people for QA/QC in your roster ... and without them you will only get a product people will hate. So if you have 13 people to manufacture it you probably need another 13 to make the formulas you have work, make sure they work in both test kettles and the large one (and its not as if *that* is an off the shelf item), that the result is consistent and that it is resonably uniform.

The alternative to just have 13 people to do the emulsioning and coating R&D while leaving the actual coating and packaging to somebody else seems much more viable approach.