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While I agree with some of what you say, I travel enough and still find a great number of people using film cameras. There are alot more people using medium format that werent several years ago, probably this is due to the fact the cost of the gear is getting cheaper. All the pros I know in this area are using Medium or Large format film cameras. None of them are using digital, they say the dont feel the quality is there yet.
Good to hear that, and I would like to hope so. But the "pros" I know (which I don't know too many pros in person) have never come back to the film. One person does magazine shoots in Tokyo, and the film is already a history for her. The other one I know in Nagoya says the pros use the digital cameras to sell the new products they are partly promoting, but their personal works are always shot with films, etc. But the amateurs who follow them are inclined to use the easier medium, which is not the film format... At least they tend to get rid of their darkrooms that they had for a long time, which is contrary to what you're saying. That means we have a variety and a diversity in this crowd, and it's a good thing.

And I agree that Fuji is okay, at least for now. I was sort of responding to the philosohical interpretation of whatever, but in reality, Fuji is still doing what they have always been doing.