Hey, I left a lot out of that. It would take me pages to detail what has to go on in a real facility. That is bare bones.

How about IR inspection equipment, mapping hardware and software to drive slitting and chopping to maximize yield and avoid defects. I could go on and on. Yes, you need test kettles and production kettles depending on size and you then need 2 coating machines, one for tests and one for production.

BTW, for all of you, it is "Emulsion Making", not "emulsioning" which is the literal German translation. Just as they use something like "basting sauce" in German we use "overcoat" in English. There are unique words in both languages that translate rather oddly if we don't know the ins and outs of the langages and the science.

In Japanese, you 'lay the emulsion' but in English you 'coat the emulsion'.

But, there is a lot more to this. After all, it is a complex process to bring a photo product to market. (dont forget marketing).