I just got back from the mountains with my brand new Wehman 8x10. The whole kit, camera, lenses, film holders, etc. packed neatly into my Kelty Redwing 3100 internal frame backpack.

The Wehman is well engineered and well made. The “learning curve” for the Wehman was very short for me. The camera sets up quickly and easily in the field.

Bruce’s description of the Rear Swing says: “This mechanism is unique to this camera. To a achieve focus and swing, 3 knobs are used: The swing and center lock knobs tighten in a clockwise direction. With the center lock knob loose, both sides of the camera are free to slide. When the swing lock (left rear of camera) is loose, both sides are free to move independently, affecting swing.”

I found the camera easy to swing and focus. The only problem was my Calumet focusing cloth – the wind kept getting under it and blowing it off the camera. When I got back home, I ordered an 8x10 BLACKJACKET focusing cloth from http://www.quietworks.com/

I’ll let you know how these first pictures turn out. I shot Efke 100 8x10 with my 240mm G Claron (it covers 8x10 at all apertures) and will develop it semi-stand in Pyrocat-HD.