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Subject: RE: [CVUG] Bad News..... Kodak : la mort de l'argentique en France
Date: Jan 23, 2007 10:56 AM
Thank you very much for this information, as distresing as it might be. I
would be very eager to hear some of the expert opinions from the group
regarding their assessments and prediction on the future of film overall.
Will film became a niche practice? Will digital so dominate that the cost
of doing film Photography will be prohibitive? I thank you in advance for
your input and observations.

Fernando Yepez

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Kodak: the death of silver in France Yves Grandmontagne January 23, 2007 -
09h13 The deposed giant of silver photography closed his last laboratory of
development in France. Information almost passed unperceived: Kodak closed
last Friday January 19, 2007 its laboratory of development of Creteil. It
was the last laboratory of development of the silver films of Kodak in
France. The traditional and historical system of pre-numerical photography
dies! In 2006, the site of Kodak developed 4,1 million films, against 22
million developments in 2002. A closing which in known as length also on the
desperate attempts at Kodak to survive. In spite of the migration towards
the numerical one, very top-of-the-range impression and health, the group of
cease to lose money. Frank cuts in plans of rectification, Kodak already
removed 27 000 employment in the world. With the center of Creteil, they are
150 removals of additional stations which come to weigh down the assessment
of that which was, a long time, the king of the silver one!