I'm thinking of getting a Holga again. I used to have two of them, unmodified, and neither had serious light leaks. I had so much fun with them that my 4x5 and Hasselblad were rotting on the shelf, so after I while I tossed the Holgas--yes, I know, scandalous!

Now I can't decide whether to get a modified or straight Holga. I don't mind some minor light leaks (so I'll tape the two holes near the top of the inside) and put some kind of flap over the exposure counter. But as to the rest--I don't know. Closer focusing and a better bulb and tripod hole might be useful, but wouldn't get used that much. Mostly I used the Holgas for outdoor shots.

I'm trying to get an idea of how many of you have mod's and whether you would bother to do that again.