Through one of my many contacts, here's a quote I received via e-mail from a fairly high level executive in Kodak:
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I was asked to respond to your inquiry, since I am familiar with the issues you raise and would make a couple of key points.

First Antonio Perez has heard from many people like you who are loyal film photographers -- both consumers and professionals. Kodak continues to offer the widest lineup of films and we continue to invest in the business -- as evidenced by the fact that a number of products carry "new and improved" labels because of our investment. We will continue to respond to the market and that market remains an attractive one, even as we reduce costs and cut back production in the face of the reality of lower demand for our traditional products.

Regarding the statement correctly attributed to Mr. Perez, it obviously has been taken out of context. Today, in fact, Kodak is a heavily digital company, as revenues in these businesses, both consumer and professional, now surpass our traditional photo business. But in many ways, the businesses are also complementary and do work closely together. Mr. Perez was simply reflecting the need to move into businesses that are growing, and we have obviously been successful in doing so.

Again, many thanks for your comments. You can be assured that we all this feedback from consumers very seriously.
Regards, Art.