There will always be photographers for whom digital does not work. I am one of them. I have a very good digital slr which has sat in the cupboard since last summer. The slow deliberate way you have to work with large format makes me take better pictures and the style I prefer (long exposures) I can do on film in a way digital is incapable of (I tried). I am only a film user because I wanted to shoot panoramic - I always had a love for the shape. All my peers think I need a straight jacket - a 33 year old who went 'backwards' into film is almost unheard of.

The fact is since no-one on the high street will show the new photography user what is good about using film, it must be up to us. We have to write in to high profile magazines (not specialist film mags) with our pictures and stories and get published in as many places as possible showing and telling what is good about our branch of photography. We should be offering to go to schools and colleges to show students what our cameras are capable of. Nothing beats digital propaganda better than cold hard facts - prints of exceptional quality that demand respect - so go show them what we can do!

As for Jessops (Belfast), when I first started film, I left 4 120 roll films in for processing. They were 6x17cm. 1 month later (they were sent away for processing) 1 roll came back with drying marks, 2 came back with scores up one entire side where their rollers had obviously not been cleaned in addition they had been folded diagonally during transport, and only one picture of the final roll came back at all, all the shots of bluebell woods had mysteriosly evaporated before they reached the store. Don't go near them with a very large barge pole!