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Thank you for your feedback.

I'd noticed that more films were available in 120 but hadn't realized they were cheaper.

I shoot virtually exclusively B&W. I hadn't realized that +/- development would be available only with 120; why is that?

I actually am not doing my own darkroom work, but my lab technician does it all by hand, and he will accommodate my requests for +/- development.

Tom, I considered going with a 501CM but decided that I might wish I'd had the flexibility of the 503CW; do you have any thoughts about that? Do you find that you can hand-hold at some pretty slow shutter speeds?

I also hadn't realized that it was the wedding photographers' switch to digital that resulted in my being able to afford a Hasselblad system! What irony.

Again, my gratitude.
The 503CW has OTF automatic flash metering capability - other than that it is like the 501CM. If the 503CW had been available in 1981 I'd have bought it instead of the 501CM.

I can hand hold at very slow shutter speeds with reasonable success - however, with Medium Format, I shoot nearly everything with a cable release, from a tripod (I'm a sharpness freak).