I went out again today and shot some more Efke 100 8x10.

BTW, my Wehman has 3 backs: An 8x10, a 5x7 and a 4x5 Singer Graphic Graflock.

This time I used my North Face polyester shell (a lightweight jacket) instead of the Calumet focusing cloth - a bit small, but definitely a vast improvement over the Calumet focusing cloth. Can't wait to get my Blackjacket!

Just for the heck of it a shot a sheet of Efke 100 with my 110mm Super Symmar XL at f45. I figured what the heck, if lens covers 5x7 with limited movements at f22 (and it does!), maybe it will cover 8x10 at f45?? It looked good on the ground glass at the 10 inch edges with a 7x magnifier - even with an inch and a half of front rise. I took the same shot with the 240mm G Claron at f45.

We will see - probably develop it Monday eve.