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You guys slay me. Too funny.

Explain to me why the head or any executives of a huge multinational like Kodak should even bother with us? We're 18,000 (max-possible) film users out of tens of millions, maybe less than 1% of all potential film users - and hostile to Kodak at that. So why would they feel welcome here?

Reading all these posts, I certainly could see why they would think APUG is a place for anti-Kodak zealots.

Regards, Art.
I definitely agree with that assessment. Some (outside APUG) might even consider APUG the radical fringe, so why would a company put itself, or one of its' employees, in the line of possible attack?

All fine and good to support Ilford, and I do use lots of HP5+, but last I checked Ilford do not make any colour films. It does often seem that APUG is heavily B/W films biased, but there are fewer colour films companies than B/W films companies. Shouldn't we support continued production of colour films?

There is also the somewhat invisible side of Kodak and Fuji. Both companies place ads in PDN (Photo District News) and a few other publications for their film products. Yes, both have largely abandoned Pop Photo and similar publications, but those more consumer magazines are more biased to computer users with cameras. Another realm many amateurs never see is that both Kodak and Fuji have teams of people visiting pro labs around the US. There have been many times I got samples of films from these reps, and was given product literature with information on new products. This is not traditional advertising, and not geared towards consumers, but it shows that both companies are still marketing their colour films, especially transparency films.


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