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Sometimes I think folk here actually want Kodak to cease making film just so they can say: "See, I told you so!".
I agree with Georges who agrees with Gordon, etc.

It's a tired trope here to say "getting rid of the yellow father" or whatnot. Despite their PR dept not being hip enough to film for us, despite their CEO seeming to live on another planet, they are still producing excellent products, B&W and most importantly color. Some of us will just never like the color rendition of Fuji films, it's as simple as that.

Kodak isn't a dirty word for which one should wash their mouth after pronouncing. It makes me cringe to see people doing the "de-kodakification" of their darkroom on ideological rather than practical principles.

We would never have mass photography without a huge militaro-industrial complex in the first place, so making someone the "good guys" versus the "bad guys" in film production is just plain boyscout wishful thinking.

It's been said over and over again that maybe Kodak could benefit from some PR rep surfing the net forums like Simon, and David Goldfarb said in another thread that there is one doing so in 8mm forums. Who will make that happen for still photo on APUG? Why do we keep prentending to give the finger to The Man by spiting Kodak?