APUG does seem hostile to Kodak.

The overwhelming tone is anti-Kodak and has been for quite some time.

I agree with the comment that people seem to want to see Kodak leave analog so they can say "I told you so". How many of you would work for little or no pay? Kodak will not and when customers go to less expensive products, then Kodak stops making theirs.

Remember that many of these smaller companies did not have to do R&D on Dektol, HC110, XTOL, Liquid Fix et. Kodak published formulas for many of these and now they are being produced by others with no overhead for the R&D that made them possible.

Oh well, perhaps my comments are useless in this venue. BTW, I am probably the only person on APUG who has spoken to Antonio Perez face to face and addressed the issue of analog photography.


Anyhow. Have a nice day.