Ive been working in my darkroom for a good while now and I have a consistant problem that I, in all Ive tried, cannot remedy.
I shoot alot of ilford BW 35mm film, 120, and 4x5 film.
developing the 4x5 and 120 are both easy.
But I consistantly have the hardest time getting ilford 35mm film onto 35mm without misaligning the rolling and ruining a couple frames on EVERY roll. I shoot some fuji Arcos 100 35mm film and everytime it goes onto the reel just fine without a problem. But every time I am rolling ilford fp4, hp5, panF, or 3200 delta it happens. its beginning to get frustrating and I feel like Im doing something wrong or dont know something.
has anyone had isues like this? is the width of ilford film slightly different than other films?
Id really appreciate any help anyone might have.

thanks in advance.