While I can not speak to the issue of rotary processing. I can speak to the issue of pyro...more specifically ABC pyro and tray processing. Over the years, I have tried a variety of film developers and I can say that the negatives using ABC pyro are the finest tonal range of any that I have ever developed. I print on Seagull VC and with the ABC formula the yellowish green stain is not readily apparent unless the bisulfite gets a little age to it. In fact I think that general stain can actually deteriously affect overall contrast. My negatives print very nicely on the VC paper with excellent low through mid tone separation. It is however in the high values that pyro negatives shine, in my experience. I develop by inspection with general guidelines of times and film combinations. I felt some trepedition when I began using Pyro...but with precautions it is not difficult to use.