Oh blimey, the threads that come back to haunt you... I thought this one was dead and buried!

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Well this was from their UK site on the homepage "why go digital?":

"Digital photography doesn't use the toxic chemicals that often end up flowing down the drain and into our streams, rivers, and lakes"

If anything write to them and ask how e-waste is great for the environment & why they assume we improperly dispose of the toxic stuff.. :rolleyes:
Ta Sean, I wasn't quite depressed enough at turning 39 today and being down with a virus as well. I'll just pop off and slit my wrists... :rolleyes:

I went into my local Jessops a week or two back to pick up some a bottle of Ilford fixer and another of Ilfostop. (I had to phone up and order them and the gerbil I spoke to had no clue what I was on about...!) I walked past the shelves of PC World and Halfords stock and was attended to by one of the longer-serving members of staff.

As I paid I noticed a couple of bottles of chems, a pack or so of B&W paper and a couple of film clips on view under the counter. I pointed them out and said, "It's nice to see you still sell photographic products!"

The chap grinned and said, "Yes! We're not supposed to have any on display but we keep a few out so people will know we know what we're talking about!"

Says it all, really...