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I am looking to get some opinions on this paper.

I am used to printing on Ilford Paper and have tried a little of Forte fiber paper. I heard some very nice things about this paper.

So before I try some, I'd like to know what I can expect.

I've started using this paper and it is becoming my paper of choice mainly because I can print highlights that I could not on Ilford, Agfa, Forte, Seagull, Berger, etc.

I've found using a Beseler color head I need much less contrast filtration than I've been used to. I've been using the C/D Creamy warmtone and find the base paper white is actually white. It is not off-white nor creamy white. An area I am trying to improve on is the shadows. They retain contrast nicely but I would like to get them a little blacker and retain the contrast.