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As for me personally, that small company called ilford is enough for the whole world, now and in next 1000... years, as long as they are SMALL company they (and photographers too) will be happy. If add small Agfa, and still can survive both, better, and more than enough.
Not for me, personally. I can get along very nicely with Ilford Warmtone (though I wish they'd coat the excellent emulsion on a whiter base), but for me, Agfa MCC 111 outperforms Ilford's MG FB in a number of ways, not least of which is much better shadow detail and less muddy tonal gradations. When I compare the same print made on both papers, for me, there's no contest.

The problem with only one company surviving (and believe me, I'm very grateful that Ilford is surviving! I've stuck by their B&W film for many years) is that there's little incentive to make something good better.