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I would like to a technical question, of those of you that are using pyrocat HD for you platinum printing. I have been using it for a bit and really like the fact that my negatives for platinum print well in silver as well. The issue I am having is that the printing times for the platinum are way too long. In the area of 30-60 minutes. I have a home made light box that prints a TMY D-76 neg in 8-10 minutes. Are you finding your exposures to be this long, or am I way over exposing the negatives. I don't think that I am over exposing but I can't explain the long times.

Any feed back on your experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Bidegain
Pyrocat has a greater UV absorption that any other developer, this is why it is so wonderful for pt/pd, you can get high contrast with little effort. Although not apparent in the negative, you are overdeveloping for alt printing. ease down a bit on the development and you will see the negatives print just as well.

My tests show me that Pyrocat absorbs from 1 to 1 and 1/2 stops more UV light, so if you have really dense negatives I am not surprised at your times.