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I've try the MGIV FB Glossy Warmtone in dektol 1:3 , I got greenish, when toning in selenium 1:20 it become warmth, I want to neutral, any suggestions

many thanks before
That combination your using does come out very green. I have been using this paper exclusively for years and get a range of tone from Brown to Neutral to Blue Black. The best developer I have found for neutral/cold tones is the Ilford Harmon Cold Tone Developer. Another option if you must use dektol is using a gold toner. This will give you a very blue cold tone depending on the length of time in the toner...this paper does gold tone fast. As I am a fan of split tones you could do a strong selenium step (1-9) for 2-3 minutes and then gold tone (warm shadows/blue highlights).

If you can't get the ilford developer then this developer formula works good to get neutral tones on this paper. Make sure you use the variation without the Potassium Bromide and sub the benzatriazol.

Similar to Kodak D-72 and Defender 54-D, this formula produces a more pronounced blue-black on most papers.

You will need a 1 liter storage container and a 1000 ml graduated cylinder for mixing the stock solution. You may find it convenient to use a proper-sized mixing bowl to mix the stock solution.

Chemical Amount Units
Water (110F/43C) 750 ml
Metol 3 g
Sodium sulfite 40 g
Hydroquinone 12 g
Sodium carbonate (mono)* 75 g
Potassium bromide 0.8 g
Water to make 1000 ml
*65 g Sodium carbonate (anhy).

Place the warm water in the storage container and add a pinch of sodium sulfite. (A small amount of sodium sulfite will minimize the initial oxidation of the metol. If more is added at this point, the metol will not dissolve). Add the metol to the solution and stir until all of the metol is dissolved. It is important that all of the metol be dissolved before the other chemicals are added. Add the sodium sulfite, stirring until the solid dissolves, Add each chemical in the order given in the table above. Be sure each chemical is completely dissolved before adding the next one to the solution. Finally, add water to the solution to bring its final volume up to size.

Benzotriazole, 1% solution

The stock solution has a life of more than six months.

Dilute 1:2 and add between 6.0 ml and 15.0 ml of Stock Solution B per each liter of Stock Solution A used. The more benzotriazole used, the greater the blue tone. Develop for 2 minutes at 68F/20C.

Reduce the amount of potassium bromide and/or substitute 0.2 g of benzotriazole for every 1.0 g of potassoium bromide for cooler blue tones.