If you translate this announcement more carefully you will see that it says that the above group of people has the intention to do what they describe and that money has been raised and put on their table to make a proposal to Forte.

I wonder what drives so many people lately to announce things in internet forums which are at that particular point only in planing stage.

Here it reads as if things were definite yet and the paper was just about to be produced again.

I am just returning from Budapest and my view on the situation is:

Point 1: Nothing has been decided by the owners of Forte yet and probably wonīt be in short term
Point 2: The situation down there is currently of a kind which does not put any pressure on the owner to make anykind of an immediate decision
Point 3: Fomas coating line differs substantually from Fortes (I know both) and a smooth transfer will be VERY difficult if not impossible
Point 4: There have been earlier attempts by other, very prominent companies who did not succed and I would really wonder why this project suddenly should be much luckier than them
Point 5: The stage described in the announcement from Fotohuis (want to save the paper and make a proposal, have a budget to do that, have good plans of what to do) has been reached at least by three other groups before (including Fotoimpex) and where did they get: nowhere, sofar.

Sorry to say this. I hope I donīt get stamped as the bad news guy here but these announcements lately make me wonder.

But maybe they work a miracle. Letīs wish them good luck. Weīd definitely like to continue to carry this paper in our portfolio.