"Why not launching a subscription in order to help the keeping of Forte?"

If you mean keep it going as a discrete business rather than having its best products produced by a new owner elsewhere, its not that simple. If you could generate 1000 participants to produce a break even scenario, your share would be about 400/$800 for one year. With every probability that you'd need to spend the same or more next year and forever. Even that may not be enough to dissuade the owners from closing the facility to redevelop the land.

I think the best hope for the continuation of Forte products is to make them in a more efficient/highly utilised facility where it can also piggyback existing sales and marketing/admin infrastructures rather than have to fund its own. Frankly a business turning over 2.5million employing 150 people is not likely to be sustainable, Much better to bite this bullet and hopefully get the best products produced by a more endurably sustainable business which might even be more secure with the Forte volume within it.