I have a couple of cameras that could be classrd as "toys" - i.e. made for mass consumer point & shoot market. A Kodak Brownie Starlight (50's) which takes 127, and an Instamatic which takes 126. I used each one at least once to verify function. That's about it. I have A Kodak Pony 35mm that I use occasionally for fun, but it's a better camera than "toy" level. It has focus distance to set, as well as shutter speed and aperature.

Some of the Polaroids made in the 60's are quite decent cameras, I'm talking about the pack film cameras they made, models 100-440 I think. Some of these have an optical rangefinder, and electronic shutters. Though the exposure is automatic. However you can adjust it by setting them to lighter or darker. I have to adapt them a different battery because the original is no longer available. The film is still available from Polaroid, so I adapt the battery and resell them. All of these kinds of cameras I check out and resell. Both 126 and 127 are available from Film for Classics, as well as 620 and a few others. They cout down and repackage new film, so its all good stuff.
Actually, by reselling some of these old simple cameras to people who may use them, it probably contributes a little to film sales.