I don't know if I have an electronic manual. From memory, this is how you would program a 3 step sequence when each step starts as soon as the preceding step ends:

Press clear
Press "3"
Press "minutes"
Press "25"
Press "seconds"

That sets the time. Then start at the top row of the various functions:

For "Memory Location.."
Press "Forward"
For "Function"
Press "Autostart"
For "Audio"
Press "Warning" (That turns on a metronome for the last 10 sec.)
For "Display"
Press "Medium" (or your preference)
For "Count"
Press "Down" (or "Up")

Now set the memory:

Press "Memory Loc"
Press "0" (zero is the first step rather than 1)

That sets the first step into memory. For subsequent steps, repeat the above process except that after you press "Memory Loc" you will press 1, 2, 3... to set the second, third, and fourth steps as needed up to a maximum of 9 steps.

It is easier and quicker to do than it sounds.

Once you are done programming the sequence, do this to get started:

Press "Clear"
Press "Recall"
Press "Memory Loc"
Press "0" (zero on the keypad)

Now you are set for the first step of 3 min:25 sec as programmed above.

Press the foot switch or the Start button to begin. Press either in midstream to pause. If you turn the power off, the sequence disappears because it is not held in internal memory. If you want to retain the same sequence between sessions, it is easier to press "Display" "Off" when you leave and "Display" "On" when you return.

I just made you a copy of the printed manual. PM me with your address and I will send it Monday.