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An additional point should be added. The huge inventory at Forte is getting old. Photo products don't keep forever, and relabeling with a new expiration date is legal but not good. You will probably see a decrease in quality.

The problem is that when Kodak left the B&W paper business, there was panic buying to some extent, and also the feeling that this business that used to be Kodak's would transfer to 2nd and 3rd tier companies and so they ramped up production. It was a feedback loop that caused some 'pulses' in the supply and demand chain and finally resulted in warehouse overstock.

So, you will see bargain film out there from all defunct brands, including Agfa. It remains to be seen if these are good or not. IMHO, Agfa film was very good, but not noted for its good keeping qualities. IDK about their paper.

I like to think of APUG and Photo Net users (particularly MF and LF people but not excluding 35mm) as being professional in their work attitude and demands, and so this possible loss in quality may be important. That is why I mention it.

BTW. I have seen some products go through an intermediate period where they improve in quality for a time before they go downhill due to keeping. If you see some particularly spectacular results, you may find it to be a one-of-a-kind event, that will never be quite duplicated in the future.

Forte haven't got any inventory in stock! The last two years everything had been manufactured according to orders. The products which is left is out and are the property of the Dealers. The manufacturing plant is empty exept some rolls which are to be cut and delivered as do to those last orders.